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Previewing Sunday's NCAA Second Round - Predictions and Commentary on Big 12 Games

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10 Missouri vs 2 West Virginia - 2:40 ET

Man did I ever hate Kevin Pittsnoggle, but I don't know why. Actually I think I do. I think it was the former West Virginia Mountaineer's look and game. From the outside, except for the 6'11 frame, you wouldn't think the kid could play ball. Ugly name. Ugly tattoos. Ugly everything. But you got him on the court and the dude could ball. Snap back to the present... Mizzou is happy that Pittsnoggle left Morgantown years ago, but worried about the two headed monster of Kevin Jones and Da'Sean Butler.  The 6-8 and 6-7 forwards average a combined 30+ ppg. They are mean and play tough. Mizzou's weakness all season was teams that play that style of ball. So, as for my prediction, I will write it in white text so only I can see it (technically you can see it also, if you highlight the next sentence with your mouse) It pains my heart to say it, and I hope I'm wrong, but West Virginia advances. But all in all it should be a good game to watch.

5 Texas A&M vs 4 Purdue - 5pm ET

We all know the Purdue story... fighting for a #1 seed until they lose their top playmaker, Robbie Hummel. They then go on a terrible run, including scoring a woeful 11 points in the first half of their Big 10 tournament loss to Minnesota. They also needed a inspirational 20-3 run in the second half of their opening round NCAA tournament game to hold off 13th seeded Siena. So with all that digested it goes to reason that Donald Sloan, Bryan Davis and the rest of the Aggies will be able to take care of business and advance to the Sweet 16.

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