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Previewing Saturday's NCAA Second Round - Predictions and Commentary on Big 12 Games

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1 Kansas vs 9 Northern Iowa - 5:40 ET

There was a time when the Big 12 was 114-1 at home. The lone loss? Northern Iowa beating Iowa State in Ames, IA. So there is history of the Panthers not only playing well against Big 12 foes, but beating them. This time, though? Not so much.

Northern Iowa averages 63.3 ppg as a team, which they'll probably get because Kansas has given up 63.8 ppg over the course of the season. The differentiating factor today will be the 81.8 ppg Kansas has been scoring nightly. Watch for Sherron Collins, Tyshawn Taylor and the gang to get out to an early lead and make UNI get out of its traditional slow-tempo style.  

3 Baylor vs 11 Old Dominion - 5:45 ET

Old Dominion had a great game on Thursday stopping Notre Dame's Luke Harangody and getting a solid 15 pt, 9 reb performance out of Frank Hassell. But Baylor ain't Notre Dame and Ekpe Udoh is better than anything the monarchs have faced. If Udoh's 20 pt, 13 reb statline form Thursday doesn't scare Old Dominion, maybe Tweety Carter's 2 points should. See, if Baylor can win handily without significant offensive contribution from Carter, then Old D should expect a force if he gets going. Baylor wins.

2 Kansas St vs 7 BYU - 8:19 ET

What can you say about BYU's Jimmer Fredette other than Gunner Superstar? His 37 point outburst has helped Snake take an overall lead in the our Gunner pool. And for that I hate him. And for that I predict that Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen will show the BYU guard who is boss and lead the Wildcats to the Sweet 16.


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