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Previewing Friday's NCAA First Round - Predictions and Commentary on Big 12 Games

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MISSOURI TIGERS (10) vs CLEMSON TIGERS (7) - 2:35pm EDT in Buffalo

A toss up game if I've ever seen one. And not just me... Vegas has the spread at 1 pt, and Jeff Sagrain has it at .29 pts. You have two frenetic styles of play. You have two sets of Tigers. You have the possibility of seeing the game of the day, not just in how close it might be, but in how fun it'll be to watch. Being that it is so close I can only use the "alumni' method of determining a winner, and since I went to Mizzou, they're my pick.

TEXAS A&M AGGIES (5) vs UTAH STATE AGGIES (12) - 4:45pm in Spokane

Like the one above, we have another "same name" game. Aggies vs Aggies. We also have another could be close game. The Beehive State Aggies haven't missed a three pointer all year (I might need to double check that fact). The Lone Star Aggies have one of the premier players in the Big 12 in Donald Sloan. After it's all said and done, the Aggies that will come out on top are... the ones who call College Station, Texas home.


My good friends at the SBN Georgia Tech blog From The Rumble Seat told me that they haven't yet found a consensus on who is winning this game, leading us to the third Big 12 nail biter of the day. I just can't see how Georgia Tech can defend against James Anderson and the 4 guard set. Sure, Tech is bigger across the frontline, but I think that the Cowboy's guards will let them live another day.


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