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Previewing the Week in Big 12 Basketball - Predictions and Commentary

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Monday, March 1

Oklahoma at (21) Texas - 8pm CST
I say this every time Oklahoma is facing tough competition "at the start of the year, people had this one circled." Oklahoma and Texas were supposed to duke it out for second in conference, at least according to the coaches.  The big time football rivals were slated to be the teams to beat. Now they are the teams to be beaten. Texas was at one point ranked first in the country, and now has lost 7 of 12. Oklahoma was preseason 17 in the country, and is now 4-10 in conference. WOW, how the mighty have fallen. Of the two, though, Texas is the more dominate team today, and will win the game, not just because of home cooking, but because Oklahoma has essentially given up on the season. For the casual fan, there is one reason to watch and that will be Tiny Gallon and Dexter Pittman banging bodies down low.

Tuesday, March 2

Missouri at Iowa St - 7pm CST
Over the weekend Mizzou's offense forgot to board the plane to Manhattan and Iowa State's couldn't catch their breath in the thin Boulder air. Iowa State posses a big match-up problem with Mizzou with Craig Brackins and Marquis Gilstrap, who scored a combined 30 pts in Mizzou victory in Columbia earlier this year. 30 pts from your front line is good, but considering they shot a collective 11-30 (36%) from the field, Mizzou should be wary of what they can do if their shots are falling. I am going with Mizou in this one, but this is the most unsure pick I'm making this week. A combination of the Clone big men hitting their shots, coupled with Mizzou missing theirs might be an indicator that Mizzou's O is in fact scared to fly. Still, though, Mizzou wins, but by less than records would indicate.

Colorado at Nebraska - 7pm CST
Who is riding the higher high after this weekend? The Buffs in defeating Iowa State or the Corn getting the best of Texas Tech? Either way, both teams enter this game with uncharacteristic 1-game winning streaks. The determining factor will be the speed of the game. The Buffs will try and push the ball, while the Corn will try and slow it down. After all is said and done, CU will be able to eclipse the magical 60 pt mark that NU needs opponents to stay under in order to win, and Ralphie will be one happy buffalo.

(24) Baylor at Texas Tech - 7pm CST
Texas Tech just lost a double OT affair in Lincoln. Repeat... the Red Raiders lost to NU. Baylor is better than NU and the change of venue won't give TTU enough of a push to defeat their fellow Texans. Baylor wins on the heels of Tweety Carter's guard play and Ekpe Udoh's post play.

Wednesday, March 3

(6) Kansas St at (1) Kansas - 7pm CST
THE FEATURED MATCH-UP OF THE WEEK... no, make that the year... actually, maybe in the past 5 years. The intra-state rivals will take their hatred to the court in what could determine the #1 seed both in the conference tournament, and maybe also the NCAA tourney. If you like big guys, small guys or tweeners, this game is for you. If you like high scoring, high intensity, this game is for you. If you like home teams winning, then this game is for you as well. On a neutral court, or in Manhattan, this game would be closer that what it will be in Lawrence. In the end the Jayhawk faithful will get to chant Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk earlier than most people think.

Oklahoma St at (23) Texas A&M - 8pm CST
This just in... James Anderson is good. Also, breaking news... so is Donald Sloan. Both schools are coming off momentum gaining victories over ranked opponents. Both are locks for NCAA tourney bids. Both schools want to up their resumes, though, to give themselves better seedings, and luckily for aTm, the game is in College Station. To the home team goes the spoils.