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Survivor Big XII: Final Four Edition

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Survivor Big XII is the weekly quest to see who really is the top team in the Big XII.

We are down to the mythical FINAL FOUR, and like the actual Final Four, (but mostly because of a time crunch) we are going to go ahead and KICK TWO TEAMS OFF this week, leaving us with a pair to battle it out next week for the title of Survivor Big 12 Champion.

While you can only vote to kick one team off, your vote is crucial this week... which squad would you like to see booted off the island? (Voting ends before Wednesday's games tip off)

Who has been kicked off?

January 13 - Oklahoma, after loss at Baylor 91-60
January 20 - Nebraska, after two home losses to Kansas and Iowa St.
January 27 - Iowa St. after loses to Texas Tech and Kansas
February 3 - Texas Tech after losses to Texas and Texas A&M
February 10 - Oklahoma St and Colorado
February 17 - Texas after a loss to Kansas and victory over Nebraska
February 24 - Baylor after a win vs Texas Tech and a loss at Oklahoma St.
March 3 - ??? AND ???

Evan Pfaff, Managing Editor
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