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Previewing the Week in Big 12 Basketball

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Monday, February 8

(1) Kansas at (10) Texas - 8pm CT ESPN

Everyone knows that Texas has been slumping recently, but can't we say the same thing about KU?  Sure they are winning their games, but OT in Boulder followed by 25 minutes of a close game in Lawrence vs Nebraska? Seems like both teams are showing mid-season fatigue. Based on that, and with the game in Austin, my heart tells me to go with the former #1 team in the country in the upset over the current #1.
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Tuesday, February 9

Texas Tech at Oklahoma - 7pm CT ESPN 360

The Sooners are coming off an upset win in the hardwood version of the Red River shootout. Tech is coming off an impressive win vs Oklahoma St. I can't figure either of these teams out, so I am going to flip a coin.  Heads I pick Oklahoma, tails I chose Tech. Heads it is, Boomer Sooner.
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Wednesday, February 10

Iowa St at Mizzou - 6:30pm CT ESPN 360

Mizzou knows that if they want that first round Big 12 tourney bye, they need to beat the teams ranked lower than them in the tourney. ISU is ranked lower than them. Mizzou re-starts their home winning streak.
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(24) Baylor at Nebraska - 8pm CT ESPN2

Baylor's coming off an unimpressive loss at A&M. Nebraska is coming off an impressive loss at Kansas. Someone's not gonna have a good few days... and that someone? Nebraska.
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... and because the Super Bowl ads were less than stellar, I give you Jay-Z and Rihanna's Run This Town intro from CBS' pregame.