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Survivor Big XII: Big 8 Edition

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Survivor Big XII is the weekly quest to see who really is the top team in the Big XII.

Now we are down to 8 teams remaining in the Survivor Big 12 death pool.

Last week Texas Tech was the runaway voter getter, netting nearly 3/4 of all ballots cast. This week might be a little trickier, though.

So... who should be kicked off the island in week 5? (Voting ends before Wednesday's games tip off)

Who has been kicked off?

January 13 - Oklahoma, after loss at Baylor 91-60
January 20 - Nebraska, after two home losses to Kansas and Iowa St.
January 27 - Iowa St. after loses to Texas Tech and Kansas
February 3 - Texas Tech after losses to Texas and Texas A&M
February 10 - Oklahoma St and Colorado
February 17 - ???