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Previewing Big 12 Saturday Action

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Oklahoma St at Texas Tech 12:30 CT - ESPN 360

James Anderson is better that you at basketball.  He is also better than anyone in on Texas Tech. OK St wins.

(11) Kansas St at Iowa St 1pm CT - ESPN2

The states of Kansas and Iowa are pretty similar. Lots of rolling fields of wheat and other commodities. The basketball programs, however, at Kansas St and Iowa St are drastically different. K-State wins going away. 

Mizzou at Colorado 3pm CT - Big 12 Network

I will be at the game and I will be attending the post-Mizzou victory press conferences.  Have any questions you want me to ask Coach Anderson or Coach Bz? Post them in the comments section.

(10) Texas at Oklahoma 3pm CT - ESPN

The football version of this rivalry is called the Red River Shootout and ‘red river' is a good term for this game also, since it will be a blood bath. Texas wins going away.

(24) Baylor at Texas A&M 3pm CT - ESPN 360

Thus far I have only predicted road team victories.  Nothing changes here. Baylor wins.

Nebraska at (1) Kansas 5pm CT - ESPNU

Tell me if you have heard this story before: The school bully picks on a weaker kid.  The weaker kid gets into a slugfest and nearly beats the bully up. The bully is embarrassed and seeks out another weak kid and completely pulverizes them. Get it?