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Big 12 Hoops Conference Power Poll

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Atop the national polls, and atop the Big 12, Kansas is like the high school QB. Guys want to be them and girls want to be with them.

Check out the full standings after The Jump to see what some might consider a wee bit of a shocker.

The rankings aren't based on conference or overall records (although that plays a factor).  Instead, they are mostly based on who I wouldn't want to face if I was an opponent.

So why did I chose the second place team I chose? The intensity they showed again that high school QB last weekend showed that they are for real and can compete against anyone. They have toppled the former #1 team in the country and took this week's #1 to OT before succumbing to a group of weathered, proven, gritty champions.

Kansas Jayhawks
(21-1, 7-0)

Kansas St Wildcats
(18-4, 5-3)

Texas Longhorns
(19-3, 5-2)

Baylor Bears
(17-4, 4-3)

Texas A&M Aggies
(16-6, 5-3)

Mizzou Tigers
(16-6, 4-3)

Oklahoma St Cowboys
(16-6, 4-4)

Oklahoma Sooners
(12-9, 3-4)

Texas Tech Red Raiders
(14-7, 2-5)

Iowa St Cyclones
(13-9, 2-5)

Colorado Buffaloes
(11-11, 2-6)

Nebraska Cornhuskers
(13-9, 1-6)


Evan Pfaff, Senior Editor
Twitter @MizzouHoops