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Survivor Big XII: Week 4 Tribal Council

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The Tribe has spoken.  It's time to go... Texas Tech Red Raiders

This one really had no chance from the get-go. In a landslide, repeat LANDSLIDE, vote, we have to say goodbye to the Red Raiders. Double-T Nation must be in mourning tonight.

Come back next Monday to vote on who will be the next one kicked off Big 12 Island.

See who is left, and who has been kicked off, after The Jump

Iowa St. - Kicked off January 27 after losses at Texas Tech and at Kansas. Received 45% of the vote.
Kansas St.
Nebraska - Kicked off January 20 because of home losses to Kansas and Iowa State. Received 30% of the vote.
Oklahoma - Kicked off January 13 because of loss at Baylor 91-60. Received 45% of the vote.
Oklahoma St.
Texas A&M
Texas Tech - Kicked off February 3 after road losses to Texas and A&M. Received 72% of the vote.

Evan Pfaff, Senior Editor
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