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Previewing the Week in Big 12 Basketball

Monday, February 22

Oklahoma at (1) Kansas - 8pm CT
Coming into the season every Big 12 insider had this date circled on their calendar.  A game to potentially determine the Big 12 champion. Winner takes all. Loser gets the 2 seed. Well, lots has happened since November and the Sooners aren't who we thought they were (h/t Dennis Green). The only reason to watch this one is to see how Oklahoma freshman Tommy Mason-Griffin handles Kansas' Sherron Collins, in what might be described as a passing of the torch. At the end of the day, Kansas remains unbeaten in conference play.

Tuesday, February 23

(7) Kansas St at Texas Tech - 7pm CST
The Wildcats will run. The Wildcats will gun. The Wildcats will leave their scent all over the Red Raiders. If the Wildcats aren't nice, though, they might just not ever get invited back to Lubbock.

Wednesday, February 24

Colorado at Missouri - 6:30pm CST
I was fortunate enough to be at the game in Boulder when these two teams met earlier this season. So I was able to see up close just how much bigger Mizzou is than the Buffs. The Tigers can't say all too often that they are bigger than a team, so look for the frontline of Laurence Bowers, Keith Ramsey and Steve Moore play a perfect inside-outside game with the speedy Tiger guards.  The game wasn't close in Boulder's altitude and it won't be close at seas level either. Tiger win.

Nebraska at Iowa St. - 6:30pm CST
Two word: Brackins, Gilstrap. The Corn may be shooting the lights out the past few games (note to the Clones, put a man on Ryan Anderson) but they just don't have the size or skill to compete with ISU's superstars. The home team wins this one.

Oklahoma St at (17) Texas - 8pm CST
Wanna know who the best player in this games is? Easy. James. One of the James' (Anderson) needs to put up 31 pts like he did on Saturday in order to carry his team. The other James (Damion) has a good supporting cast around him who can pick up the ball if he is off his game any particular night. The depth of Texas, plus the home court advantage means that the Horns will hook this one in.

(23) Texas A&M at (22) Baylor - 8pm CST
The featured Big 12 match-up of the week pits two ranked teams against each other. Both are fighting for the coveted first round Big 12 bye. Both have similar talents and depth, but the Bear Pit (not to be mistaken for Brad Pitt) will be a-rockin and Baylor will beat their intra-state rivals.