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Big 12 Hoops Conference Power Poll

I will skip any blurb about the top team in the conference.  If you are here, you already know what you need to know.

Other than that we still have a really competitive 2-7 seeds, with any team able to beat any of those other teams on any given night (almost certainly if they are at home).

The bottom of the conference is kinda shaky, but I think we are in a CU Buffalo Renaissance.  They are my new "team to watch." The way Higgins and Burks play, and given the adverse playing conditions for road teams in Boulder, I wouldn't go as far as to say they can beat anyone in conference, but they sure will be able to at least hang with most folks if playing at home.

But the biggest questions in conference both come out of the South. First, where for art thou, Oklahoma? A preseason favorite, predicted to finish third in conference by league coaches, Oklahoma is completely non-existent.  A blowout loss to in-state rival Oklahoma St was the topper, even if the Sooners played without two of their top guys. It is mind bugging.

And secondly, where for art thou, Texas? The preseason pick to finish second, they cant seem to buy a W these days.

I guess this is why they play the games, though.

Kansas Jayhawks
(25-1, 11-0)

Kansas St Wildcats
(21-4, 8-3)

Baylor Bears
(20-5, 7-4)

Texas A&M Aggies
(18-7, 7-4)

Mizzou Tigers
(19-7, 7-4)

Texas Longhorns
(20-6, 6-5)

Oklahoma St Cowboys
(18-7, 6-5)

Texas Tech Red Raiders
(16-9, 4-7)

Colorado Buffaloes
(12-13, 3-8)

Oklahoma Sooners
(13-12, 4-7)

Iowa St Cyclones
(13-13, 2-9)

Nebraska Cornhuskers
(13-13, 1-10)


Evan Pfaff, Senior Editor
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