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Weekend Recap: Bearing Bad News

Baylor got a reality check this weekend.  They have only played three legitimate games, and they lost all three.  Gonzaga was desperate for a win, but Washington State and Florida State were two different stories.  All three are quality teams, but that's no excuse for a team picked in the top 25 (and in some cases the top ten) this season. 

The Bears had another horrific offensive outing against the Seminoles, finishing 33% from the field and not much better from downtown.  The Bears were leading until they went totally ice cold with seven minutes to go in the first half.  They stayed cold for the first half of the of the second.  LaceDarius Dunn and Quincy Acy finished as Baylor's leading scorers but combined to go 11 for 31 from the field.  Needless to say the Bear offense was as inefficient as ever.  Perry Jones III was a complete nonfactor, but the problems all stem from point guard play.

Until Scott Drew can find a facilitator to get Dunn and Jones the ball, the Bears won't come close to their potential.   LaceDarius Dunn is one of the best scorers in the country, but he needs someone to run the offense.  Perry Jones needs someone to get him the ball in a place to do something with it.  Maybe A.J. Walton is the answer; maybe he'll become the point guard the Bears need, but he's got a long way to go.

Kansas State also has some questions at the point guard position (and on the general leadership front).  Both teams could definitely be contenders based on talent alone, but not until someone steps up to run the offenses.