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Future Stadium Technology I hope to see in the Big 12

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Have you ever attended a Big 12 football or basketball game and a critical call being reviewed doesn't get shown on the replay board?  You have spent the money to leave the comfort of your home where your big nice flat screen is and maybe even braved the elements here in the middle of the country and you can't even see the critical play over again.

Or you are not 100% sure about attending a game because there might be another game or two on television that you want to watch since you know that you can't avoid seeing the score before you are able to watch it on DVR.

In the future I believe this won't be a problem as to enhance the fans experience, portable handheld televisions for people to have at games will or should become commonplace. This would allow people to not have to choose between going to a game or watching a different game at home.

Think of how it could be for you.


There is a booth review at a Big 12 football game and they won't show it on the video board in the stadium but who cares since you can look down at your hand and watch the multiple different camera angles that the television broadcast shows.

Instead of having to stare at the scoreboard and wait to see scores of other Big 12 conference games going on you can look down and immediately see the game you wish.

Another technological advance I hope to see someday in addition to the portable handheld televisions are television screens in the back of chairback seats within the stadiums and arenas.

How could schools provide this and make money you ask? Well with the television sets in the back of chairback seats, this provides another means of advertising revenue for the school wouldn't it?  The handheld tv's might be trickier but I think it could be done. A school could rent them to people within the stadium or arena for a small fee every game, the catch is a person would have to pay for them on their credit card to ensure they aren't swiped and the school protects itself.

Would you not pay a small fee to rent a portable tv within the arena that would allow you to watch other games going on or the tv broadcast of the game you are at?  I know I would.

Some would say this would take the fans focus off of the game they are at which it might for some but I believe if a person has spent the money and their time to attend the game they will pay proper attention. The increased technology would just give fans more options which I believe most everyone would be in favor of.