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Milestone Big 12 Victories in 2010-11

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A handful of milestone victories could be set this season by Big 12 schools and coaches. Nothing on par with Kansas' 2000th all-time victory last season, but milestones none the less.  After the jump, find a breakdown of the possible reasons to celebrate.

Team Milestones

  • Entering the season, Baylor and Colorado are tied with 1113 all-time victories. If the pundits (ahem, Big 12 Hoops) are right, then the Bears should pull out more Ws than the Buffs. The program with the most wins this season will move out of the All-Time win doghouse into 11th place in conference.
  • With 16 victories, Kansas State will have amassed 1450 all time wins. 
  • Oklahoma's next victory will be their 1500th all time.
  • With 25 wins (a tough task), Oklahoma State will also net 1500 all time victories.
  • With 14 Ws, Texas will have 1600 all time.

Coaching Milestones

  • With a win, Iowa State's Fred Hoiberg will have his first career W.
  • With a conference win, Hoiberg and Colorado's Tad Boyle will grab their first conference Ws.
  • With 7 conference wins, Kansas' Bill Self will have 100 Big 12 victories.
  • If Kansas St can live up to preseason hype and win 28 games, head coach Frank Martin will have 100 on his career.
  • Mizzou's 12th win will be coach Mike Anderson's 100th at the school.
  • Texas Tech's 13th W on the season will be Pat Knights 50th all time and at the school.
  • If Baylor can win 21 games, Scott Drew will have 150 on his career.
  • If they can win 13 games in conference, Scott Drew will have 50 in conference while at the helm of Baylor.
  • Oklahoma is slated to be near the bottom of the confernce, but if they can win 18 games on the season, Jeff Capel will have 100 at OU.
  • Oklahoma State's 5th win of the season will be Travis Ford's 50th as the head coach of the Cowboys.
  • Texas' 4 win this season will be Rick Barnes' 500th of his career. Their 6thg will be his 300th at the school.
  • If Texas A&M can win 24 games, Mark Turgeon will have 250 for his career (less liekly would be 27 wins for his 100th at the helm of the Aggies).