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First Test: Kansas Jayhawks vs. Arizona Wildcats

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I knew Kansas had been dominating.  But I wasn't totally aware just how much domination was coming out of Lawrence: so far the closest game the Jayhawks have played was against North Texas, and they won by 33.  The Jayhawks are first in Ken Pomeroy's rankings (though Sagarin's computer isn't nearly as impressed, placing the Jayhawks at tenth).  But truthfully it's almost impossible to rank Kansas right now: yes, they're dominating, but they should be.  Kansas has yet to play a team in the top 100  of Pomeroy's rankings (with three of their five wins against teams worse than 200).  The Jayhawks have been gorging themselves on a cream-puff schedule, leading to the top assists and field goal percentage nationally.  The question is how they'll perform against quality opponents.  So far we can only guess.  Tonight that changes.

Tonight Kansas takes on Arizona in Las Vegas.  The Wildcats look to be Pac-10 contenders behind Washington this year, and they have waltzed through their first five games in dominant fashion as well.  Now the Pac-10 is no Big 12, and Kansas should still be favored.  But on a neutral site (near Arizona) this should also serve as Kansas' first true test of the season. 

Kansas is lead by the Morris twins (Marcus is shooting an outrageous 70% from the field so far), who combine for 31.4 points and 16.6 rebounds a game.  Arizona is led by sophomores Derrick Williams and Solomon Hill, who are averaging a combined 30.8 points and 12.6 rebounds a game.  From a distance, it looks like Kansas has a huge rebounding advantage, but Arizona does a great job of team rebounding.  The key for Kansas will be to shutdown Arizona's sophomore stars, and make the rest of the Wildcats make plays.  Kansas has more weapons than the Wildcats, and if they keep playing anywhere close to the efficiency they have been they should come out tonight with a good victory.

Tune in to ESPN2 tonight at 9:30 Central.