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Big 12 Hoops Preseason All-Sophomore Team

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I had so much fun compiling my All-Freshman Team that I thought I'd go on down the line and compile an All-Class Team for the sophomore, junior and senior classes also.

Because of all the defections to the NBA by the stellar Big 12 freshman class of 2009-10, the sophomores were the most difficult of the classes to rank, although the end result is a pretty tough group of athletes. The guard play of the sophomores would carry the team as any team with a perimeter trifecta of Alec Burks, Jordan Hamilton and Mike Dixon would be near impossible to defend.

Big 12 Preseason All-Sophomore Team

G - Alec Burks, Colorado
G - Jordan Hamilton, Texas
G - Michael Dixon, Jr., Missouri
F - Khris Middleton, Texas A&M
F - Andrew Fitzgerald, Oklahoma

Check back throughout the week as we reveal all preseason classes and make sure to vote for the best on Thursday's All-Senior post.

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