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Big 12 Wednesday Previews

After a busy couple of days, the Big 12 has a pretty light evening.  The Big 12 should rebound (though against worse opponents) from losses to Georgia and North Texas.

In Ames, at 8:00 PM, Iowa State takes on Drake.  Despite Iowa State's mediocrity, I'm pretty confident they'll take care of business.  Iowa State is a solid 2-0, dominating Alabama State and Northern Arizona.  Drake is coming off a win against Texas Southern...  While I wouldn't count the Bulldogs out of this completely, I think the home advantage gives the Cyclones an advantage.

Down in Stillwater Oklahoma State is taking on Texas A&M Corpus Christi.  Oklahoma State is coming off a win against Houston Baptist while the Islanders were trounced by Texas A&M Monday.  While I don't think Oklahoma State is as good as A&M this year, there's no reason to lose to Corpus Christi at home.