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Big 12 Hoops Preseason All-Freshman Teams*

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The Big 12 is again reloading a-plenty with a highly regarded incoming freshman class. Four of the Top 25 Team Rankings were stationed in the Big 12 (Missouri #6, Texas #8, Kansas #23, Baylor #25) meaning that the loss of a ton of talent to the NBA shouldn't hurt the conference one bit.

So if we were to form the best of the new guys, here's how our All-Freshman first and second teams would look:

First Team Big 12 Preseason All-Freshman Team

G - Cory Joseph, Texas
G - Cameron Clark, Oklahoma
G - Phil Pressey, Missouri
F - Tristan Thompson, Texas
F - Perry Jones, Baylor

Second Team Big 12 Preseason All-Freshman Team

G - Javarez Willis, Texas Tech
G - Royce Woolridge, Kansas
G - TJ Taylor, Oklahoma
F - Daniel Alexander, Texas A&M
F - Mike Cobbins, Oklahoma St

* For obvious reasons KU's Josh Selby and Mizzou's Tony Mitchell weren't included. If they are ruled eligible, all signs point to them being in the postseason edition.

Check back throughout the week as we reveal all preseason classes and make sure to vote for the best on Thursday's All-Senior post.