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Can Bill Self Use Preseason Poll as Motivation?

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Is it possible that the 6 time defending Big 12 basketball champions Kansas Jayhawks can play the "No Respect" card this year?

Well with the coach's preseason vote of Kansas State as #1, Bill Self might just have gained a motivational tool that he hasn't been able to use in quite some time. KU garnered only 2 votes for first place, with one vote having to come from Frank Martin as coaches cannot vote for their own team.

Another thing that would be interesting to find out would be what other Big 12 coach besides Martin voted for Kansas.

Big 12 Preseason Poll

Team (First-place votes) Points

1. Kansas State (10) 119

2. Kansas (2) 109

3. Texas 99

4. Baylor 96

5. Missouri 82

6. Texas A&M 69

7. Texas Tech 52

8. Oklahoma State 51

9. Colorado 46

10. Nebraska 31

11. Oklahoma 27

12. Iowa State 11