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28 News, Notes and Opinions Big 12 Fans Should Know Heading Into Basketball Season

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After The Jump is a list of 28 news, notes and opinions Big 12 fans should note going into the season. Why 28? Well, because that's what we came up with. Have any to add? Enter them in the comments section.


1. Nebraska might not win a Big 12 conference game. Their fans will shrug it off because they're leaving the conference.

2. Colorado will sneak up on everyone who wasn't paying attention last season.

3. CU will make the NCAA tournament.

4.  Iowa State didn't win many games last season with studs on their frontcourt. The studs are gone and so is hope for a win.

5. Pat Knight is on the hot seat at Texas Tech. Unless of course his daddy gets involved.

6. Kansas State's Jacob Pullen has the best beard in basketball. Period.

7. Last season Rick Barnes couldn't get a young, uber talented team to gel together. This season Texas has another young, uber talented team.

8. Last season Jeff Capel couldn't get a young, uber talented team to win together. This season Oklahoma has a far less talented team.

9. Baylor might have the best freshman in the country in Perry Jones.

10.   Kansas might have the best freshman in the country in Josh Selby.

11.   The NCAA denying Texas A&M's Derrick Roland's plea for an additional injury year will mean two additional losses for the Aggies... and will keep them from making the Dance.

12.   The K-State - Florida game December 18 in Gainesville is the best non-conference game played by a Big 12 school.

13.   Because they play a total of 6 games against each other their records will even out, but the best three teams in the conference (in alphabetical order) are Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri.

14.   Mark your calendars, and don't make plans for January 17 (KSU at Mizzou), January 29 (KSU at KU), February 7 (Mizzou at KU), February 14 (KU at KSU), February 26 (Mizzou at KSU) and March 5 (KU at Mizzou)

15.   The Octagon of Doom will doom every opponent who enters. Every.

16.   Despite playing half as many, the following schools will win more conference football games than conference basketball games: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State.

17.   I would add Iowa State to the above list, but one isn't greater than one.

18.   The Big 12 will again dominate the Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series. The Pac-10 will claim that they don't care because they're a football conference.

19.   Upon hearing this, CU will try and get back into the Big 12.

20.   No less than 5 times per game a TV announcer will mistake identical twins Marcus and Markieff Morris.

21.   You won't have any idea it happened.

22.   The Big 12 will be hard pressed to be the top rated conference for the second season in a row.

23.   If you're not following Missouri guard Kim English might on Twitter (@Englishscope24), you're missing out on the best Tweeter in the country. (ED NOTE: Mizzou players were forced to give up Twitter for the season, but start following English now and enjoy yourself in the offseason).

24.   JUCO transfer Ricardo Ratliffe of Missouri will be the newcomer of the year.

25.   Pullen will be the conference MVP.

26.   Jones will be the conference Freshman of the Year.

27.   K-State's Frank Martin will be the conference Coach of the Year. 

28.   Texas better wins games early in conference play as they end the season in brutal fashion vs K-State and at Baylor.