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Heading Into Conference Play

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Heading into conference play the Big 12 is STACKED. The top two teams in the country aside, the Big 12 has 2 additional ranked teams and gets 6 into the dance in's latest Bracketology. With Kansas, K State and Mizzou leading the charge in the North and Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech looking to fight it out in the South, the Big 12 is going to be a fun conference to follow this season.

And while there also seems to be a consensus that college basketball's Player of the Year is donning a Kentucky Blue and White uniform (Ed. Note: If you haven't seen John Wall, do yourself a favor and catch a Wildcat game before he is gone), the Big 12 has its fair share of ahead-of-the-class rookies in Avery Bradley, Tiny Gallon and Xavier Henry. The cream also rises to the top with non-freshman: LaceDarius Dunn, Sherron Collins, James Anderson, Jacob Pullen... the list goes on and on of top-notch Big 12ers.

Again, fun!

So, with most of the directional college games out of the way and conference time just around the corner, who do you think is going to win the Big 12 this year?