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Survivor Big XII: Week 3 Tribal Council

The Tribe has spoken.  It's time to go... Iowa St. Cyclones

What started with two teams going nose-to-nose turned into a furlong length "victory" for the Clones. So with 45% of the vote, we have to say goodbye to Iowa St. Interesting to note that Oklahoma St, who was one vote shy of getting kicked off last week came back with a vengeance and received nary a vote. I guess beating the team that beat the team that was undefeated garners some attention.

Come back next Monday to vote on who will be the next one kicked off Big 12 Island.

See who is left, and who has been kicked off, after The Jump

Iowa St. - Kicked off after losses at Texas Tech and at Kansas. Received 45% of the vote.
Kansas St.
Nebraska - Kicked off January 20 because of home losses to Kansas and Iowa State. Received 30% of the vote.
Oklahoma - Kicked off January 13 because of loss at Baylor 91-60. Received 45% of the vote.
Oklahoma St.
Texas A&M
Texas Tech