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Survivor Big XII: Big 10 Edition

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Survivor Big XII is the weekly quest to see who really is the penultimate top team in the Big XII.

Two schools have been kicked of Survivor Big XII Island, leaving 10 left to duke it out.

Last week's voting took Nebraska out, but ONE VOTE, leaving Oklahoma State to wipe its brow, but for some reason I think their W in Manhattan, KS virtually guarantees them immunity.

So... who should be kicked off the island in week 3? (Remember non-conference games aren't calculated into Survivor records)

Who has been kicked off?

January 13 - Oklahoma, after loss at Baylor 91-60
January 20 - Nebraska, after two home losses to Kansas and Iowa St.
January 27 - ?

Evan Pfaff, Senior Editor
Twitter @MizzouHoops