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Survivor Big XII: Week 2

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Survivor Big XII is the weekly quest to see who really is the penultimate team in the Big XII.

You should never wake a sleeping baby.

You should never step on Superman's cape.

You should never spit into the wind. readers seemed to do exactly all those things last week when they voted to kick Oklahoma off Survivor Big 12 Island. Since the voting began, Oklahoma avenged their near 30 pt loss at Baylor to upend their in-state rivals and then Missouri.

Let's see if voters start a fire under any team this week.

So... who should be kicked off the island in week 2?

Who has been kicked off?

January 13 - Oklahoma, after loss at Baylor 91-60
January 20 - ?

Evan Pfaff, Senior Editor
Twitter @MizzouHoops