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Sporting News Top Shooting Guards

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Mike DeCourcy at the Sporting News previews his top 10 college shooting guards.  The list is topped by Oklahoma’s Willie Warren, and includes three Big 12ers.

1. Willie Warren, Oklahoma. When superstar forward Blake Griffin was hurt, Warren responded by averaging 25.0 points over two games. Griffin is gone now, so don't be surprised if Division I's most dynamic scorer puts up a full season of those numbers.


Warren says: "I'm not a true point guard, but I think I'll be a player who can play the point guard position. I'll be able to find players open when people come to try to trap me. Scoring … that's what gets their attention the best, what I do the best."

6. Avery Bradley, Texas. He could excel at either backcourt spot.

9. Tyshawn Taylor, Kansas. He led USA Basketball's U-19 team in scoring even though he filled a complementary role.