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In Search of Writers to Cover Each Big XII School

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Guys and Girls,

I'm in search of a Fan Beat Writer from each Big XII school to contribute to the site.

You'll have access to write any article (or Fan Post or Fan Shot) on your specific school as you see fit.

Since this is the off-season, Fan Beat Writers will be able to post at whatever rate they see fit.

However, once we get into October, everyone will be required to post at least once a week.

Why join?

First off, your writings will be submitted to: CBSSportsline, Yahoo Sports, Google News and several other websites, including the SB Nation main website as well. So...your writings won't be read from just Big 12 Hoops readers, but from readers of numerous other websites.

I will be setting up interviews on a consistent basis and from time to time assign certain interviews to our Experts.

Also, we'll be applying for a few single-game credentials during the season to cover games as well as liveblogging, meaning you'll get the chance to cover your team on press row.

If you are interested, send an e-mail to, letting me know what school you want to cover and why you should be the one to cover it.

ALSO. I'd like to come up with a better name than Fan Beat Writer. You can e-mail me those suggestions or just post them here as a comment.

--Mark Peterson