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Welcome to "Big 12 Hoops"

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Welcome to Big12Hoops. We are the longest running blog dedicated solely to Big 12 basketball.

For our old readers: Thank you for your continued support and know that the only changed to Big12Hoops will be for the better. After a four month hiatus, Big12Hoops is back up and running thanks to SB Nation.

To our new readers: Welcome! Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive coverage of Big 12 basketball.

As lead author, I [Mark Allan Peterson] got my start as a sports editor for the Waco Tribune-Herald and later in a similar position with The Dallas Morning-News. Eventually I joined the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as a staff sports writer, and have covered Big 12 basketball as a freelance writer for many other newspapers including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Columbia State, Lincoln Journal Star, Denver Post and the Daily Oklahoma.

From this experience, and as a fan, I quickly discovered that newspapers can't/or won't provide the in-depth coverage [I'm sure] many of you remember from decades past.

My mission is to provide the high quality and in-depth coverage corporate publications no longer provide.

Thus the birth of Big12Hoops.

We are continually open to feedback on how to improve, and value each and every opinion.

Please, before you join, take a look at our community guidelines. The link is:

If you want to contact ME (MPETERSON) directly, you can e-mail