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Every Big 12 Fan's Bucket List

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Life Magazine recently listed 35 events and sights that should be on the Bucket List of every sports fan. (I have been to/seen 5 of them)

But the list got me thinking... what would be on a Big 12 basketball fan's Bucket List?

Listed after the jump are the 4 things I think should be on every Big 12 basketball fan should accomplish before they leave this Earth.

Attend a road game at every Big 12 arena - Because of the unbalanced schedule this may be a difficult one to accomplish, so maybe it'd be easiest to start with a road game at each of the divisional foes first, then branch out to either the North or South. Because of the unbalanced schedule, your team will have a home and home each year with divisional rivals, so try and pick out a game a year and journey abroad to cheer on your school. Make it a weekend by choosing a Saturday game and staying to get a good feeling of the city.

Attend the entire Big 12 Championship - One year make it a point to travel to the Big 12 championship and attend every game. So you would see 4 games on Thursday, 4 on Friday, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. That's 11 games in a jam-packed weekend. Make sure to do your homework first, though, because you don't want to sit through a game where you know none of the players on either teams. You don't have to root during each game, but make it a point to get to all the games.

Watch your team through their entire NCAA Tournament run - If this is your team's year and you think they are going to go far in the tourney, make sure you save all your vacation days (and money) so you can travel with the team as they knock out opponent after opponent. If nothing else, by reading this blog you are required to, at a minimum, make it to the Final Four, if your team has the skill (and luck) to make it that far.

Watch your team in a preseason tournament - Most teams compete is a preseason tournament every year or every other year. Some are in sunny destinations like South Padre Island, Hawaii or San Juan, PR. Others are in colder spots like Anchorage and New York City. But whatever the destination, travel some place to see your team. Make a weekend or week out of it (especially if it is someplace worth staying). See the sights by day, and cheer on your team at night.

There is your assignment. Print this article out and tape it next to your mirror so you remember to plan for each of these events.

Got something else on your Big 12 Bucket List? Comment below.

(Also read the article where I spelled out my own Bucket List as a Mizzou fans here.)

Evan Pfaff
Senior Editor
Twitter @MizzouHoops