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Introducing GameDay Central is proud to announce GameDay Central, a new feature unique to other SB Nation sites. (Most SB Nation sites follow games with Live Game Threads, which are unique in and of themselves, and make for a great gameday experience as well.)

Our goal is to provide Big 12 basketball fans with a unique, interactive in-game experience for those not able to be there in person.

Big12Hoops GameDay Central will include a liveblog, led by one of our editors. Using CoverItLive software, you'll be able to chat with fellow fans and with fellow rival fans, along with at least one member of the Big12Hoops team. We will  also on occasion have guest panelists for the liveblog. More information on our guest panelist lineup will be released soon.

We will also be utilizing SB Nation's pre-game, in-game and post-game tools, which include updated articles on each team, game previews, individual statistics for each team, team schedules and a live scoreboard. You can also watch games online right here (when available).

Our schedule for the coming days is listed below.

To check our updated schedule or to join us for a live game, go to There is also a link on our homepage under Sections on the left-hand side of the screen. GameDay Central Schedule

Tuesday: Chattanooga at Missouri, 7pm