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Sporting News List of "Best Sports Cities" - Big 12 Edition

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The Sporting News recently came out with its annual list of the "Best Sports City" with Pittsburgh claiming the top spot (which makes sense considering they won both the football and hockey championships.)

Rounding out the top 5 are Philly, Boston, Chicago/Evanston and L.A.

In terms of Big 12 cities, 3 made the top 40 and 11 of the 12 cracked the top 100 (sorry Ames).

18. Denver/Boulder

37. Oklahoma City/Norman

38. Austin

56. Columbia

60. Stillwater

61. Lawrence

72. Lincoln

85. Waco

86. College Station

91. Manhattan

114. Ames

What are your thoughts on the Big 12 rankings or the list in general?