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Ex-Mizzou Tigers Spread Around the Globe

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Steve Walentik of the Columbia Daily Tribune yesterday took a look at where some former Mizzou Tigers are playing these days.  As we know, there are three Tigers in the NBA, but Where in the World is Albert White? (Answer: Argentina)

Marshall Brown, Palmeiras (Brazil)
Jason Conley, WBC Raiffeisen Wels (Austria)
Kalen Grimes, Laussane (Switzerland)
Linas Kleiza, Olympiakos (Greece)
Matt Lawrence, Tromso Storm (Norway)
Leo Lyons, Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem (Israel)
Jimmy McKinney, Deutsche Bank Skyliners in Frankfurt (Germany)
Rickey Paulding, EWE Baskets in Oldenburg (Germany)
Vaidotas Volkus, BC Siauliai (Lithuania)
Albert White, Asociacion Quimsa Santiago Del Estero (Argentina)
Kevin Young, Ciclista Olimpico de la Banda (Argentina)

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