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Five Questions For... Missouri basketball

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In a new series, leading up to the start of the basketball season we will be posting a segment called "Five Questions For."

In the series we will ask the most five pressing questions for each Big 12 school going into the season.

1) How can Mizzou replace the loss of DeMarre Carroll, Leo Lyons and Matt Lawrence?

2) Can Mizzou sustain the momentum that led them to a Big 12 tournament championship and Elite Eight run last season?

3) Now that Coach Mike Anderson has a squad made up entirely of his recruits, can the "Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball" be even better?

4) Who will step up in the frontcourt for Mizzou? Steve Moore, Laurence Bowers, Keith Ramsey, Justin Safford?

5) Will this be the year Mizzou beats Illinois for the first time in 10 years in the "Busch Bragging Rights" game?

Check back tomorrow when we will ask Five Question For... Kansas basketball.

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