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The Twitter sensation is hitting Big 12 coaches.  Currently 7 of the 12 coaches tweet.  And while you probably won't get breaking news by following any of the coaches, it is a good way to find out some information on your favorite coach, team, or upcoming opponent.

Below is a list of the 7 coaches you can follow and the most recent tweet from each (as of publication time).

Mike Anderson, Missouri @MissouriBBall
"Congrats to Coach Pinkel & his guys on another great win. We are still getting ready to kick our season off...Go Tigers!"
10:51 AM Sep 29th from web

Travis Ford, Oklahoma State @CoachFord5
"Signup for Camp Online at"
11:29 AM May 14th from web

Jeff Capel, Oklahoma @jeffcapel
"When's the last time you were inspired? 6 this morning!!!"
about 7 hours ago from Echofon

Greg McDemott, Iowa State @isucoachmac
"Craig Brackins named 1st team all-Big 12 preseason. Marquis Gilstrap named Preseason Newcomer of the Year. Congrats. guys!"
9:43 AM Oct 8th from txt

Doc Sadler, Nebraska @Coach_Sadler
"The next 10 designs received win a free media guide or t-shirt. Enter here .. ... #LNK#OMA #Husker #design (SID)"
about 2 hours ago from web

Scott Drew, Baylor @BUDREW
"Opportunity all of us are given as coaches to be great role models of today's youth. The greatest reward is helping them mature into men."
11:13 PM Sep 30th from txt

Mark Turgeon, Texas A&M @CoachTurgeon
"Sorry for the lack of tweets recently...recruiting and getting ready for the beginning of practice."
12:49 PM Oct 8th from web

Comment if you know some that I missed (WARNING: don't be fooled by impostors) or any that other readers should follow. 


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