The Preview You Must View: (1) Kentucky vs (8) Iowa State

Beware the unibrow.

So, learn anything good yesterday? I learned my bracket is pretty much useless to me now.

Before continuing I want pass along condolences to Evan and the entire Missouri fanbase. Duke, on the other hand, had it coming to them. Because they're Duke.

The Big 12 has a big day ahead of them but no game has greater importance than Kentucky-Iowa State.

Wouldn't that be something else if Royce White and company pull off the monumental upset? It's hard to imagine but it might be crazy enough to come true.

The Kentucky Wildcats played like a well-oiled machine throughout the year and it's not hard to figure out how they did it. John Calipari once again reeled in the top recruiting class in America and all four make regular contributions. Anthony Davis though is the best player on the team and that's really saying something. You've probably heard of how Davis, a point guard at first, grew eight inches in his senior year to top out at 6-10. Since I began watching him play, I'm always looking for an apparent flaw to his game but I always come away unsuccessful. Earlier in the year, it might have been lack of a jump shot but now he's started to hit those with regularity.

Then there's Michael Kidd-Gilchrist who had a fantastic start to the season and then went a little hot-and-cold in conference play, which is normal for a freshman. Marquis Teague has been a capable PG when he's not turning the ball over. And they still have a couple of holdovers from last year's Final Four team in Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb. This is easily the most talented team since the '09 Tar Heels.

Iowa State made a lot of analysts and NBA GMs unhappy with their win over Connecticut Thursday. I thought Chris Allen played like a seasoned tournament vet should play and White's game had Verne Lundquist and Bill Raftery salivating over themselves. But in a game where the opponent has superior talent, the three ball has got to be going in. Remember the Baylor win at Hilton? Cyclones hit nine threes that day. Another example is the first-half of their game at Kansas. Iowa State were hitting triples and kept the Jayhawks at arms length for a while.

But the lesson from that game is to not let the three-point shot be your only shot. The Cyclones hit nine threes but only after hoisting up 28 attempts. They shouldn't get too one-dimensional or Kentucky will pounce on them.

Kentucky-Iowa State will be played after the conclusion of the Murray State-Marquette game (that will air today at 4:15 central time) on CBS.

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