Texas A&M Aggies Vs. Oklahoma Sooners Preview: Consistently Consistent Versus Consistently Awful

The Texas A&M Aggies and Oklahoma Sooners tangle today in a match-up of a team who is playing exactly like we pegged them to play and a team who might be the quietest Top 25 team in the nation.

If I told you one team was 103rd in the nation in scoring and 122nd in the nation in field goal percentage, you would automatically assume I was talking about the 8-6 Sooners. AHA! Fooled you! The 13-1 Aggies, ranked 16th in the country isn't the sort of team that is going to be on SportsCenter each night.

Instead the Aggies wear the shell in the old rabbit and tortoise fable.

Led by sophomore Khris Middleton's 15.4 points per game and David Loubeau's 11.5 ppg and 5.2 rebounds per game,t eh Aggies are sure to sneak up on any foe who hasn't done their homework. If consistency is the mark of a champion, then start engraving A&M's name on a trophy.

Conversely, Oklahoma has already suffered through a five-game losing streak this season. After being highly regarded last season, and finishing 4-12 in conference play, the Sooners lost the majority of their talent, so their placement near the bottom of the conference should come as no surprise. What is a surprise is just how far off the radar the Sooners are. While the Aggies aren't a Made For Television team, the Sooners probably couldn't even get on Public Access. Their national ranks are 192nd in scoring, 268th in rebounding and 131st in assists per game.

Cameron Clark was a big name freshman, who is finally hitting his stride after trying to learn the college game initially. In the Sooners' last two games, Clark has amassed 40 total points and 16 total rebounds.

While Clark continues to emerge, the Sooners are led in scoring by Andrew Fitzgerald and Cade Davis, both of whom are hovering around the 13 ppg mark.

If you want to see this game, you should probably watch it on ESPN3.com at 3 p.m. CT, because it probably won't get too much airtime on SportsCenter.

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